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Join Us October 9-12, 2023
Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas

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Engage, learn from, and network with wildlife and ecosystem professionals from around the world who are developing new technology for field conservation and ecosystem monitoring. This will include hands on training and field real time field testing and program development on drones and other technologies. 


This includes four explicit technology layers: 


Field sensors of all types including animal tags, regular or live camera traps, water monitors, fence monitors, acoustical monitors, and drones with RGB, thermal, multispectral, hyperspectral and LIDAR. It includes inputs of data from field mobile apps like Earth Ranger, SMART and iNaturalist, among others. 

Communication of that data from the field which includes internet, LORA, fixed wireless, cell service, mesh nodes, antennas on drones and the ability of drones to upload information such as camera trap data remotely in the field.

The aggregation of this data on geospatial platforms like Earth Ranger and SMART. The ability of geospatial platforms to work together. 

The capacity for analytics is unprecedented. This allows data captured not only where it is needed most but also enriched and tagged along the way. This allows distance sampling, species identification, individual recognition within an increasing number of species and behavioral metadata among other capacities. It allows integrated open source visualization and business development tools to be applied. 


This conference will have over 100 conservationists from the US and around the world. Likely attendees among others include individuals from The Wildlife Conservation Society, Earth Ranger/Paul Allen Institute for AI, Wildlife Protections Solutions, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Island Conservation, Conservation X Labs, Archbold Biological Station, CONICET Argentina, FTC Argentina, Environmental Climate Change Canada, Texas Department of Transportation, University of Florida, Denver Zoo, and the Charles Darwin Foundation, Rare Conservation, Global Conservation.


There will be presentations, working groups and hands-on demonstrations on all technologies. The focus will be on addressing the technological needs of field conservationists globally, including field training and program development on drones. 


Drone and tech industry leaders will demonstrate their wares and give hands-on workshops on how to use them at a location where real time field-testing could take place! Presentations from field biologists presenting proof-of-concept uses for drones in the field will provide opportunities for other wildlife biologists to discuss and collaborate on similar projects or new untested ideas. This Summit will be a unique opportunity for both the tech and wildlife conservation communities to build an alliance for collaboration that would influence global wildlife conservation at one location at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas! 

What To Expect


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Test out a demo unit from your favorite vendor or simply work on improving your piloting skills. The 2023 Summit will feature the Open, Obstructed and Confined NIST Test Lanes for pilots to train on.

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